WOW TechProvidesVirtual Training and E-Commerce Tips Amidst COVID-19 Shutdowns

wow tech training

As COVID-19 continues to affect the global community, WOW TechTM Group, the makers of the premium WomanizerTM and We-Vibe®, has been supporting global retailers with free online trainings and resources in North America. Starting 14th April, a series of live training webinars will be rolled out for interested retailers in Europe. 26 sessions are planned so far but more will be added over the following weeks.

Led by WOW Tech’s experienced sales team, the webinars will be available in five different
languages (German, English, Spanish, French and Dutch) and are designed to keep retailers up to date with new products, their features and benefits. Furthermore, as many offline shops are closing in the wake of COVID-19, some webinars give creative advice on how to improve the online presence and maintain sales during this crisis. After each session, attendees will receive all relevant materials by mail which can be used as further guidance.

To date, the previously launched online training sessions have been well-received by more
than 400 retail staff members in North America. “We’ve always strived to provide the best
possible training and resources to our trusted retail partners and their staff, and we fully
intend on continuing to deliver in that regard during these difficult times,” says Thuve
Bremen, WOW Tech’s Chief Commercial Officer. “From offering online training in multiple
languages and time zones, to sales and merchandising best-practices, we’re committed to
helping our partners every step of the way.”

Despite posing a significant challenge for the global economy and our industry, the #stayhome edicts from public health authorities have created a somewhat unexpected opportunity for adult products. With people at home and having more time to explore their
sexuality, either on their own or with their partner, there is no shortage of demand for product. WOW tech reports that they maintain extensive stock in their global warehouses
and are fully equipped to meet both retail partner and customer needs.

“We see good long-term potential for our partners, and we will use all the resources at our
disposal to help them in the meantime. Together we’re going to get through this,” says

Retail partners can view all webinar topics and sign-up to join here or by contacting their WOW Tech account manager. If you have any questions about the online trainings, please reach out to


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