The easiest way to hold a sex toy – Silc Arts debuts the Silc Touch ergonomic handle.

Enjoy the most comfortable grip and reach, regardless of body size.

The Silc Touch ergonomic handle is a revolution for all. Designed with accessibility in mind, the Silc Touch is the first full size toy handle on the market. It is truly a game-changer; offering better grip, better control, better angles – Better pleasure. It’s simply a better way to hold a toy. Whether you’re looking for easier reach, less hand strain, more realistic thrusting, more pressure, or even a better view, the Silc Touch’s innovative design and classic craftsmanship will open new doors for you.

The handle helps eliminate grip fatigue, short reach, wrist strain, and awkward angles. Those with a smaller body certainly love these improvements, but those with bigger bodies know just how uncomfortable it can be to get a toy where you want and to move it right. Many people with disabilities are also looking for an easier way to care for themselves. The Silc Touch ergonomic handle enables you to have the grip and reach you desire.

Although the Silc Touch was originally developed as an option for the disabled community, it has been celebrated by all types of bodies. Through a focus group, a surprisingly diverse group asked for a better way to hold toys. So Silc Arts got to work. They spoke with consultants, researched materials, made prototypes, and through much research and development kept coming back to this – Keep it simple. The Silc Touch handle is an elegant solution in it’s stylish simplicity and execution.

Key features include-

  • Provides superior grip, control, angles, pressure, and view
  • Versatile handles allow multiple places and angles to grip
  • Sleek design is non-porous & easy to clean
  • Suction cup or VacLoc fitting for easy attachment
  • Handcrafted in the USA.

Multiple models are available to accommodate body size and reach. Additional silicone grips are available, along with an assortment of sex toys. The handles are compatible with suction cup toys, Silc Arts VacLoc toys and most other VacLoc accessories.

The Silc Touch ergonomic handle is available now at and at retailers nationwide, including SheVibe, As You Like It, and Mister Sister.

Silc Arts strives to bring you sculpturally exquisite adult toys that challenge industry conventions through innovation and art. From the revolutionary Silc Touch ergonomic toy handle, to our Platinum Silicone toys, we are committed to making the highest quality toys from the finest materials. Silc Arts is driven by art and design first, with quality and traditional craftsmanship that is second to none. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted and given the attention to detail that you deserve.


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