Split Peaches Impresses The Rocket Review Audience with a Show and Tell

World Wide Web– Brittany Wilson, Brand Manager and creatrix at Split Peaches recently appeared live on The Rocket Review for a “Show and Tell” about some of the latest fantasy silicone pleasure products Split Peaches has to offer.

Host Rob “Rocket” Arnegard was amazed with the whimsical and outrageous products Wilson brought to the show. She dazzled the live audience with a rainbow colored unicorn horn dildo, the flagship product from Split Peaches. Rocket was also impressed with the industrial themed items from Split Peaches.

As Wilson held up a large version of The Screw, the host gleefully interrupted with “That’s Rocket sized!” and as Wilson displayed a big, copper colored model of The Rivetor, the wide eyed Rocket exclaimed through a huge smile “Those bumps look intriguing!”

It’s all platinum silicone so it’s all body safe for insertion,” Wilson pointed out. She mentioned that everything from Split Peaches is available in three different densities. “The ‘firm’ is about as firm as a pencil eraser, so there’s not a lot of give. Then it goes all the way to what we call our super squish, which is as soft as a warm gummy bear,” she said while demonstrating the softness of a super squish unicorn horn.

Some very serious advice came up as Wilson suggested to anyone using pleasure products, “I don’t hear it get talked about enough. If you’re using silicone based toys, please never use silicone based lube…it turns into a borderline adhesive” Rocket nodded in absolute agreement.

Rocket’s additional guests were Drub of the Drubskin art line of clothing, Michael Decrow and David Hunter of The Crows Nest Escape in Seattle, and clinical recovery specialist James Taylor.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYBiUslqfKE or https://www.pscp.tv/TheRocketReview/1LyxBdrkQqEGN?t=3s for the full episode.

For more details on sexy novelties and toys from Split Peaches, go to SplitPeaches.com


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