Sextoy To Help Men Who Come Prematurely

MyHixel Control

MyHixel, a sex toy company focused on sexual wellness, has launched a new device called MyHixel Control, a combination of a stimulator and an app that helps men improve their sexual wellness by controlling their own ejaculation. MyHixel Control is an updated version of the MyHixel Med and MyHixel TR solutions and has new features to provide users with a unique experience.

The MyHixel Control combines the MyHixel Play app with the MyHixel II stimulation device. The app adjusts each level to give users a customized experience thanks to artificial intelligence. The app features an intuitive, simple and playful interface developed in collaboration with health experts and scientists. It is the first app to use AI for ejaculation control, and all of its features include automatic data collection and monitoring via a Bluetooth connection to the device.

MyHixel II features speed and motion sensors, vibration and heat systems, two modes of suction, and a soft, anatomically lifelike interior that mimics real penetration. The device also features Bluetooth connectivity with the app so users can track their progress in real time. It is waterproof and can be cleaned easily.

MyHixel founder Patricia López said, »Because we know that sex is important, MyHixel’s goal is to care for men’s health by offering a revolutionary solution to help men improve their sexual wellbeing through climax control.«

MyHixel Control is offering guidance through exercises to improve ejaculation control. Through the fun program, users learn about the mechanisms of their body involved in ejaculation

For more information, visit the MyHixel website.


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