LELO Partnering Up With Fashion Brand Diesel

LELO + Diesel

The VENUS exhibitor LELO is cooperating with the famous jeans label Diesel. The sex toy company from Sweden released special Diesel editions of it the Sona Cruise and Tor 2, two immensely popular devices among LELO customers.

The Swedish sex toy manufacturer LELO has entered a cooperation deal with Diesel, a legendary fashion brand from the US to create Diesel themed versions of two of its signature toys, the Sona Cruise and the Tor 2.

A representative of LELO commented on the unique partnership: »The two brands came together to push the boundaries for individuals who follow their unique path and express individuality through the carpe diem philosophy. LELO and Diesel have paired up to seamlessly incorporate pleasure into everyday life, making it a key ingredient just like fashion is.«

He added: »What a pair of Diesel jeans did for the fashion industry, LELO has done to the sexual wellness industry, and together they are boldly stating the fact that fashion and sex go hand-in-hand. It is a call to people to tap into their sexuality, experiment and freely express their passions.«

Luka Matutinovic, CMO at LELO, also expressed his pride about the collaboration that further highlights LELO’s standing as a high-end-lifestyle manufacturer. »We at LELO are pioneers and we are always happy to collaborate with like-minded brands that inspire and empower people to express their style.

He also said: »For this reason, the collaboration with Diesel came naturally as we found a partner that matches our philosophy. Our partnership with Diesel is crucial as it showcases a union between fashion and sextech and highlights how sexual wellness is seamlessly incorporated in our daily life. Just like a pair of jeans.«

About the two toys chosen for the cooperation, he added: »We took two of LELO’s groundbreaking, bestselling products, Sona Cruise and Tor 2, and infused them with a little of the unique Diesel panache, thus offering products that are quintessentially and uniquely LELO innovative products with added individuality and freedom of expression of a modern person that is synonymous with Diesel.«

If you want to know more about LELO and its collaboration with Diesel, visit LELO.com. The toys will also be available at select Diesel stores in some markets.



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