LELO Celebrating Pride Month

marco marco

The Swedish sex toy company LELO is teaming up with fashion label Marco Marco to celebrate Pride month. The companies developed a line of »body-inclusive« underwear for members of the LGBTQ community worldwide.

The VENUS Berlin exhibitor LELO will celebrate Pride Month by cooperating with Marco Marco, a fashion brand based in Los Angeles. The companies announced an underwear collection specially designed for LGBTQ customers.

A spokesperson for LELO said: »The provocative collection has been uniquely crafted by LELO and Marco Marco to honor and celebrate the LGTBQ community, inviting everyone to look and feel their best inside and outside of the bedroom.«

He added: »As a brand that is leading a self-care movement aimed at highlighting conversations related to topics around gender and pleasure, LELO is dedicated to supporting Pride Month to continue the discussion about identity, equality and personal satisfaction.«

The Swedes are excited about their partner company. They explain: »The partnership with Marco Marco helps LELO to further empower the public in their quest to discover their bodies without shame and to lead a fulfilled intimate life.«

Both companies »collaborated with models and influencers from diverse backgrounds to further reinforce the inclusivity campaign celebrating love, pleasure, equality and acceptance among the LGBT community. These inspiring individuals share their personal stories of coming out to empower others as they are making a similar decision.«

LELO announced that 15% of the sales from the collection will go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, a nonprofit group dedicated to supporting the Black trans community. The Swedish sex toy manufacturer will also organize a giveaway for a free pair of underwear.

If you want to know more about the underwear brand Marco Marco you can visit the company’s website. Additional information on LELO can be accessed here.


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