LELO Called The »Tesla Of Sex Toy Companies« By Vice Magazine

lelo enigma by Lelo, the tesla of the sex toys

The new vibrator by the Swedish sex toy manufacturer LELO is already making headlines worldwide. The influential VICE magazine gave the Enigma a warm welcome showering it with praise.

After delivering many innovations to the sex toy market and creating design icons for years LELO launched a new vibrator called the Enigma. And now Vice magazine is celebrating not only the toy but the innovative company from Sweden as »the Tesla of sex toy companies«.

The toy itself is a dual sonic massager and the Vice editors call it »the wünderkid [from] the ‘crème de la creampie’ of vibrator companies.« They added: »LELO has a new, sexy Gonzo nose for a combined clitoral/G-spot orgasm that uses sonic pulse technology.«

Referring to the toy’s interesting name, the Vice writer Mary Francis Knapp said that »the Enigma vibrator lives up to its name as a mysteriously sentient, self-sufficient multitasker that promises to pleasure thee on a clitoral, vaginal and erogenous level.«

LELO is very confident in all of its products and hence they offer a 10-year warranty for the Enigma. Additionally, Knapp thinks that the toy is ideal for women with sensitive clits »as the sonic wave technology doesn’t make direct contact; it just sends ‘X-Men’ vibrational waves onto the clit instead, whilst ‘the inner part vibrates in sync with the sonic waves, stimulating your G-spot’.«

You can find the article here. Additional information on the new Enigma can be found on LELO’s website via this link.


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