Fun Factory’s Vim Gets Recognized at Quiet Vibe Awards

fun factory VIN wand

Fun Factory, a prominent name in the adult toy industry, has won recognition for its latest creation, the Vim wand vibrator. Susan Bratton, the well-known sex toy educator, has honored the Vim wand with the title of the »Biggest Quiet Rumbly Vibe« as part of her Quiet Vibe Awards.

The Quiet Vibe Awards celebrate products that produce minimal noise during use, with this year’s winners boasting acoustics ranging from 35 to 70 decibels. Fun Factory’s Vim stands out among its competitors, as it is specifically engineered to be »fifty percent quieter than leading wands available in the market,« according to a company representative. Not only does Vim offer a quiet and hence private experience, but it also comes with various impressive features, including customizable vibrations, a lightweight and textured handle and a flexible neck.

Nora Langknecht, the Marketing Manager at Fun Factory, expressed great gratitude for receiving the award, acknowledging the significance of Susan Bratton’s endorsement. Langknecht highlighted the extensive expertise of Susan Bratton and the positive notes  Fun Factory consistently receives from her. She emphasized the diligent efforts of the Fun Factory team in ensuring that their toys meet the highest quality standards.

The Vim, in particular, offers a wide range of »rumbly« vibrations and programs. Users have the freedom to micro-adjust the intensity of each vibration, tailoring their experience to their personal preferences. Notably, Vim incorporates a unique motor that delivers a weighted rumble, eschewing the common tickling sensation found in other vibrators. Its innovative design ensures pleasurable sensations at any speed.

In her evaluation, Bratton underscored the importance of finding a balance between power and quietness. She emphasized that individuals with heightened sensitivity, such as autistic or highly-sensitive individuals, can be particularly bothered by noise. Additionally, she noted that thirty percent of people are auditory in their ‘theta state,’ which refers to a state of orgasmic bliss, meditation, and flow. Loud toys have the potential to disrupt this blissful state. Bratton urged consumers to choose quiet toys that offer the whisper-quiet pleasure of a top-of-the-line toy.

In addition to the recognition for the Vim wand, Fun Factory’s Manta vibrating stroker and the Nos vibrating penis ring were also honored in their respective categories, further solidifying Fun Factory’s commitment to delivering exceptional adult toys across various product lines.


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