Fun Factory Introduces Bootie Fem

fun factory bootie fem

Bremen based sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory started shipping its new Bootie Fem butt plug promising intense experiences for users worldwide.

A spokesperson for the company said, »This Valentine’s Day is set to be the first ‘analversary’ for many. Fun Factory aims to popularize anal sex with the launch of Booty Fem, a slim, beginner-friendly butt plug designed for people with vulvas.«

The new Bootie Fem comes with a tulip tip and a beautiful floral design. The company claims that the unusual design will favor intense G-spot stimulation as the tulip tip temporarily narrows the vaginal canal near the G-spot while not obstructing the vaginal opening.

The company hopes that buyers of its Bootie Fem will discover the joy anal sex can bring in its many form and invites everyone to experiment with its new toy. The Fun Factory rep added, »Couples may be moved to commemorate their first time doing anal play by wishing one another a ‘Happy analversary.«

if you want to know more, go to the company’s website.


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