Unlock the Sensual Potential with Laya III

A Must-Have for Retailers in the Sexual Wellness Space

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In the fast-evolving world of sexual wellness, retailers are constantly on the lookout for products that not only promise but deliver a unique blend of pleasure, versatility, and design elegance. The Laya III Lay-On Vibrator & Body Massager from Fun Factory represents just such an innovation, becoming a must-have in the inventory of any retailer catering to the intimate needs of adults.

Elevate Your Inventory with Elegance and Versatility

The Laya III is no ordinary sex toy; it’s a beautifully designed, palm-sized wonder that serves both as a potent lay-on vibrator and a soothing body massager. Available in SE green and soft violet, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable, catching the eye and igniting curiosity. It comes with a magnetic charger, a user manual, a play manual with ideas, a flirt or Dare game, and a sexy, partner-focused yes/no/maybe list, offering an immersive experience right out of the box.

Retailers will appreciate the thought that has gone into the packaging and product presentation, promising an attractive addition to store shelves or online catalogs. The 20% exclusive discount code, SE20, available for use at funfactory.com, offers an added incentive for buyers to explore this product more deeply.

Tailored for Every Body

The Laya III is explicitly designed to fit comfortably in the palm and contours perfectly to the pubic bone, covering the entire vulva area and enhancing pleasure through its unique shape. What truly sets this toy apart is its versatility; it’s not just for vulva owners but can also enhance the intimate moments of individuals and couples across all gender spectrums.

Its array of features, including being waterproof, travel-friendly thanks to a travel lock, and having a memory function for favorite settings, makes it a standout. The device boasts seven intensity levels and three pattern settings, all adjustable to micro precision, ensuring that every user finds their perfect vibe.

A Quiet Companion for Intimate Moments

One of Laya III’s most surprising features is its discreetness. The intensity of its vibrations and taps belies its quiet operation, making it an intimate companion that promises privacy and discretion.

Versatility at Its Best

The Laya III excels in adaptability. Whether it’s enhancing solo play, amplifying the sensations of partner sex, or serving as a body massager, the Laya III is adept. Its design is conducive to a variety of uses, from clitoral stimulation during penetration to an integral part of foreplay and massages. This diversity makes it an excellent recommendation for customers seeking a multipurpose tool for their erotic explorations.

Worth Stocking

For retailers in the adult industry, stocking the Laya III offers a unique opportunity. It’s a high-quality, well-reviewed product from Fun Factory, a reputable brand in the sexual wellness sector. The Laya III Lay-On Vibrator & Body Massager is not just a toy; it’s an experience, promising to enhance the intimate lives of its users while providing retailers with a high-demand product known for its design, functionality, and satisfaction guarantee.


As the sexual wellness industry continues to grow, products like the Laya III that combine design, functionality, and versatility stand out as valuable additions to any retailer’s inventory. Its appeal to a broad audience, combined with its discreetness and efficiency, positions the Laya III as a cornerstone product in the evolving landscape of adult toys and sexual wellness products. Stocking the Laya III means offering your customers an exquisite blend of pleasure and sophistication, reassuring them that their intimate well-being is in good hands.


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