As we gear up for the wave of Lover’s Day romance, FUN FACTORY has stepped in with a timely surprise – the SHARE VIBE PRO, an innovation aimed squarely at enhancing the pleasures of intimacy for couples, especially those fond of dual stimulation and embodying a dash of adventure in their love play.

Released on April 30, this fresh take on the classic double dildo isn’t just a step up from its predecessor – it’s a giant leap. The SHARE VIBE PRO is designed with both lesbians and pegging aficionados in mind. This powerful device is set to transform shared experiences into orchestras of ecstasy.

SHARE VIBE PRO fun factoryKristen Tribby, the dynamic head of global marketing at FUN FACTORY, is buzzing with excitement. “With the SHARE VIBE PRO, we aren’t just releasing a product,” she explains. “We’re setting out to redefine what pleasure products can mean for couples. Launching it right around Lover’s Day underlines our dedication to celebrating and enhancing the physical connections between people.”

What sets the SHARE VIBE PRO apart? For starters, its meticulous, anatomically focused redesign. The end meant for the giver cradles the pubic bone for a snug fit that promises both comfort and control – harness or no harness. Meanwhile, the receiver’s end has been notably beefed up – not just in size but in potential pleasure, targeting the G-spot, A-spot, and P-spot with a girth that ensures a full feeling and secure fit.

Moreover, FUN FACTORY has boosted the SHARE VIBE PRO’s ability to deliver deep, resonating thrusts that stimulate intensely, irrespective of whether you’re using it with a harness.

This wonder gadget is available in two enticing shades: a sultry Burgundy and a sleek Cool Grey. Priced at €169, it’s an investment in your pleasure and an emblem of the innovation that FUN FACTORY continually brings to the bedroom.

For those venturing into the realm of sophisticated sexual wellness or seasoned enthusiasts looking to elevate their play, the SHARE VIBE PRO may just be your next best friend. Discover more about this remarkable device and consider making it a part of your intimate journey by visiting FUN FACTORY’s website today. Whether it’s for the thrill of enhancement or the exploration of new territories in your relationship, this might just be the spark you’ve been looking for.


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