German Startup Promotes Menstrual Cups On Pornhub

The female company

The Female Company from Stuttgart, known for its cheeky advertising slogans, has teamed up with the world’s largest online platform for pornography. With tutorial videos, the manufacturer of menstrual cups advertises its »One Girl, One Cup« campaign on the XXX streaming platform.

The Stuttgart-based start-up The Female Company is very popular with its customers because of its cheeky frankness: »Läuft bei Dir?« (German for »Is it running?«) This is how the company welcomes visitors to its own website.

And the likeable founder team Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadelmaier are now similarly outspoken in their intention not only to promote their own products, but also to educate people about menstruation itself. For maximum visibility, the team has chosen the highly controversial platform Pornhub as its advertising partner. This is because the topic of menstruation can be discussed much more openly and explicitly there than in the mainstream media.

A spokesperson for the company says: »In recent months we have been asked repeatedly in our community: How do you use a menstrual cup? Is there no tutorial? Sure, there is! But you can’t explain it properly without showing its use. If you try to do that in on social media, you will be censored. Why? Because they make no distinction between pornographic content and education. To break the taboo around menstrual education, we have produced the first truly explicit tutorial ever. And since we can’t show it on Instagram, we decided to show it on Pornhub.«

Although The Female Company is well aware of the controversial reputation of the platform belonging to the Mindgeek corporation, they see themselves as fully committed to educational work. »Pornhub is currently being criticized for not ensuring age verification, so we publish educational content there because we believe that education should be available for free.«

The company sees itself as a provocateur anyway: »We break taboos that still exist around women’s bodies. It starts with the period.«

The video is starring actress Lina Bembe. She explains the use of menstrual cups and demonstrates everything in detail. »Lina explains everything you need to know about the cups in three explicit tutorial videos. Different folding techniques are shown, right up to the best positions for inserting and removing the cup, and she also explains the correct care and maintenance. Lina is an actress, TEDx speaker and a feminist porn actress, she actively supports sex education,« the company said in the announcement.

In addition to menstrual cups, the manufacturer also offers organic tampons, pads and slip liners. The cups are made of silicone and, according to the manufacturer, contain no chemicals, softeners, latex, PVC or BPA. Part of the revenue is always donated to charity. The company says, »For every purchase, we give pads to women in India.«

For more information, please visit the website.


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