Shine Ventures Backs Minthub, Revolutionizing Intimate Care


In an intriguing collaboration highlighting the often overlooked niche of intimate care and sexual health, Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward, the dynamic duo behind Shine Talent Group, have recently brought their venture capital flair to a groundbreaking partnership. Their brainchild, Shine Ventures, is keen on nurturing early-stage startups that dare to venture into less trodden paths. Their latest endeavor? A seed investment in Minthub, a maverick business-to-business entity that’s redefining the landscape of white-label products spanning intimate care, sexual health, and well-being across various life stages. While the financial intricacies of the deal remain under wraps, the ambitions are laid bare for all to see.

Shine Ventures isn’t just any angel investment firm. Founded by a pair of entrepreneurs who have carved a niche in the influencer talent management sphere, their commitment to Minthub goes beyond mere dollars. It signals a shared vision—a mission to illuminate the shadows cast over critical health conditions that society often whispers about. Hunichen couldn’t contain her enthusiasm: “Minthub’s mission resonates with us profoundly. We’re above and beyond thrilled about their innovative approach to shining a light on health conditions that rarely see the light of day.”

At the heart of this investment is the development of two pioneering products. The Male Intimate Care Range is not just another product line. It aims to address biological conditions that range from the discomfort of incontinence to the more serious phimosis, with offerings including a replenishing oil and a specifically formulated wash. Meanwhile, the Women’s Sexual Wellness Wearable Device is set to be a beacon of hope for those dealing with anorgasmia, with future sights set on menopause solutions by 2025.

However, Shine Ventures’ involvement isn’t just about signing checks. Their investment will see the firm rolling up its sleeves to offer a cornucopia of value-added services. From influencer campaigns designed to foster open dialogues around intimate care to brand strategy workshops and public relations counsel, Shine Ventures is fully invested in the journey. Their expertise in creating waves in the digital space is poised to help Minthub navigate the choppy waters of societal biases and digital censorship surrounding conversations on sexual well-being.

Dominnique Karetsos, the CEO and cofounder of Minthub, appreciates the gravity of this partnership. “Understanding consumer behavior and breaking the silence on sexual well-being topics requires education and dialogue. Shine Ventures’ strategic insights and support are crucial as we scale our operations and strive for positive social change,” she states.

Shine Talent Group’s prowess in the influencer management domain was notably augmented with the acquisition of Fourth Floor Management back in 2020, and their journey continued with the successful sale of The BodCon, a virtual conference series centered on body confidence, in 2022. Proceeds from this sale are earmarked to fuel future investments, signaling the duo’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovative products and conversations in the intimate care and sexual health space. This partnership reflects a bold step towards addressing the unmet needs of many, proving yet again that Hunichen and Ward are at the forefront of ushering in transformative changes where they’re most needed.


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