Sexual Wellnes With Cancer

sex mit krebs

Holistic Wisdom, an online sexual wellness resource, has launched a free guide on »Sex with Cancer« to help cancer patients and survivors manage their sexual wellness and relationships. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the physical, mental and emotional changes that can go along with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, and provides patients and their partners with a specific understanding of how to manage these challenges.

Dr. Lisa Lawless, executive director of Holistic Wisdom, said she wants to offer cancer patients all the help she can. She has seen many people struggle with their sexual health and relationships due to the effects of cancer, so she wanted to help ensure they receive the attention and support they deserve.

Sexual health can be a difficult topic for cancer patients and survivors as they face unique challenges. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of potential issues and offers support to those affected. It is available free of charge on the Holistic Wisdom website. You can access it by clicking on this link.


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