Pineapple Support Banned On Twitter

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The Twitter account of Pineapple Support, a nonprofit organization that provides mental health support and resources for individuals in the adult industry, was permanently suspended over the weekend.

The organization’s founder, Leya Tanit, reported the suspension via her personal account and stated that the organization had no knowledge of why the account was suspended. The suspension came as a surprise, as the organization has never had any problems with the platform in the past. Pineapple Support has appealed the decision in hopes of getting the account back.

Important Work for Industry Professionals

Pineapple Support was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping performers, producers and other industry professionals navigate the unique challenges that come with working in the adult industry, such as stigma and isolation. The organization offers a number of resources, including a confidential hotline, a directory of mental health professionals with experience in the adult entertainment industry, and a peer support network. It also advocates for better working conditions and destigmatization of the industry, and provides information and resources to the public about conditions within the industry.

The unexpected suspension of the account was met with heavy criticism, as the organization was in the midst of preparations for its most important time of the year, when it particularly reaches out to vulnerable performers. The loss of the account is seen as a major blow, especially at a time when many people in the industry are struggling. Mike Stabile, director of public relations for the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), who also handles communications for Pineapple Support, said it is absolutely inexcusable that Twitter is blocking access to health information for workers in the adult industry. He added that Pineapple Support served the adult community, but did not share or post content that was in any way harmful to minors, and that they had never come close to seeing anything that violated Twitter’s terms of service.


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