What Happened To Stormy Daniels? Well, She Won In Court (For Now)

Drumpf in Stormy weather

For a long time the buzz surrounding the probably most famous porn star in the world had become quiet. Now though, Stormy Daniels can boast a partial victory in her long legal battle against the current President of the United States. A court in Los Angeles awarded the VENUS guest star of 2018 $44,100 as reimbursement for legal fees she had to pay in the past to free herself from the Non-Disclosure Agreement she had signed in exchange for hush money to keep quiet about her affair with Donald J. Trump.

Two years ago the alleged affair between Donald J. Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels made worldwide headlines. For a few months Stormy and her somewhat shady lawyer Michael Avenatti dominated the news and threatened the Presidency of arguably the most controversial President in the history of the United States.

When Stormy Daniels came to visit the VENUS Berlin, the scandal peaked. Nearly every newspaper and TV channel tried to get an interview with the blond super star. The public seemed to believe her side of the story and it looked like Trump was in huge troubles. Shortly after that though, Stormy lost in court several times and got into a bitter battle with her former ally, Michael Avenatti. She sued her former lawyer for money from a book deal and feuded with him publically.

Two years later though and with new legal representation Stormy Daniels is finally victorious in court. Trump had initially tried to sue the actress for an alleged violation of her NDA. But the Los Angeles based Judge Broadbelt now ruled that the lawsuit was “moot” as both parties had publicly referred and talked about the topics that were part of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. In essence that means: Stormy Daniels won her suit against the President. He finally has to pay her legal fees.

The order reads: »For the reasons set forth above, the court finds that Plaintiff is ‘the party prevailing on the contract’ in this action under Civil Code section 1717, and that Plaintiff is entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees from Defendant pursuant to section 8.2 of the Agreement.«

Stormy turned to Twitter to comment in her very own way about her huge success in court. Retweeting the news from another account her own tweet read in its entirety: »Yup. Another win.«

The matter is far from over though. The porn star and the President have more legal battles ahead of them. Stormy is still appearling a federal court decision that against her in a defamation suit she brought against Trump.

Aside from that Stormy was the face for the strip club chain Déjà Vu, she recently co-starred in »Bad President« a satire about Donald J. Trump, played by Jeff Rector, and the devil, played by Eddie Griffin. Additionally Stormy has created a television series (Spooky Babes Paranormal Show) about ghostbusters that is expected to start shooting soon.

So while the Trump Presidency might be history in a few months, the legend of Stormy Daniels will keep us entertained for years to come.



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