Free Speech Coalition Now On OnlyFans


In an attempt to reach performers, models and creators that don’t know about the Free Speech Coalition, the special interest group created its own OnlyFans account. That way, the tens of thousands of new creators that joined the industry during the pandemic might get access to and knowledge about their rights.

The American interest group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has decided to open an account on OnlyFans to reach newer members of the industry. They plan to use the account to provide subscribers with »updates on the battle defending sexual expression and sex worker rights, as well as ways to help fund the fight.«

A spokesperson for the organization commented, »A pioneering project with allowed creators to designate FSC for the platform’s own charitable donations, and content from FSC has been incorporated into FanCentro’s Centro U.«

A subscription for the FSC OnlyFans account will cost $5 a month and the organization states that the revenue will fund educational and business resources for those new to the industry.

Alison Borden, the Executive Director of the FSC, said that, »The account is a way for us to reach creators who might not have an official connection with the adult industry, but still need the information and resources to keep themselves safe and defend their rights.«

She added, »We’re at a crucial juncture in our history. The adult industry is facing an unprecedented assault on our rights and our community’s right to survive. If we’re going to successfully fight back this wave of censorship, if we’re going to stand up to the growing tide of banking discrimination and deplatforming, we need to activate the entire creator community. OnlyFans might seem an unconventional place for organizing, but battles aren’t won by taking the conventional route.«

If you want to know more about the FSC, visit their website. The OnlyFans-Acount can be found here.


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