Mia Julia’s Surprise Comeback at this Year’s VENUS

promo besuch VENUS Berlin
Bild quelle: Sven Mandel

It is an unexpected comeback. Mia Julia will be a guest again at the Venus in Berlin this year. It is the very place where her impressive career began years ago. Her last appearance at the fair was in 2016, an unforgettable event for many of her fans.

Now Mia Julia plans to take the stage again and will also be available for photos and autographs for her fans. »VENUS is always a special event for me. I made sure to clear my calendar to be here for my fans,« said Mia Julia in an interview with Germany’s biggest tabloid BILD.

The now 36-year-old native Berliner is excited about her comeback to VENUS: »Everyone can literally read off the tip of my nose how much I appreciate this lifestyle. I also have some spicy surprises in store and I’m sure my fans will love it!«

Although she now feels at home on Mallorca, and her love of music is known far beyond the borders of her chosen new home, Mia Julia has not forgotten her roots and beginnings. It seems that she is looking forward to VENUS at least as much as a performance in the legendary Bierkönig, much loved by thousands of tourists.


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