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MindGeek Gaining Control of All Daftsex-Domains and Accounts

A court gave Pornhub's parent company control over websites and accounts associated with the operator of the controversial adult network Daftsex.com. The court found...
just for fans

JustFor.Fans Releases Anti-Piracy Tool

The monetization network for performers JustFor.fans provides support to its content providers in protecting their content. A new tool is now available that provides...

Will Germans Soon Also Have to Deal With Age Verification?

The German Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) has withdrawn the license for the software JusProg favored by the so-called...
EU uploadfilter

The End for Tube Sites? EU Adopts Copyright Reform

On Tuesday the European Parliament voted with a clear majority for the adoption of a widely controversial copyright reform. Critics fear massive restrictions on...
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Germany’s Highest Court Uphelds Immunity For Wi-Fi-Operators

After years and years of legal uncertainty Wi-Fi-operators can now offer free internet to guests without having to fear the consequences of an increasingly...