Kriminalisierung der Pornografie? Jeff Sessions erwägt Neugründung einer aufgelösten Spezialeinheit

Die Anhörung des republikanischen Senators Jeff Sessions vor seiner Ernennung zum Justizminister fand am 10. Januar statt und zu den behandelten Themen gehörte auch Pornografie. Zu den Mitgliedern des Justizausschusses des Senats, die Sessions befragten, gehörte auch der Senator von Utah, Orrin G. Hatch, der sich Sessions Vorgeschichte als Verfechter der Obszönitätsgesetze widmete.

„Im 108. Kongress haben Sie die Senate Concurrent Resolution 77 vorgebracht, die die Meinung des Kongresses vertreten sollte, dass die Bundesgesetze gegen Obszönität überall in den USA streng durchgesetzt werden sollten… it passed the Senate unanimously,“ Hatch announced, noting that it was the only resolution of its kind to be passed by either the House or the Senate.

Hatch then praised the Utah legislature for its own resolution that defined pornography as a „public health problem.“ But, still concerned about the „harms of obscenity,“ Hatch pressed Sessions, who vowed to continue to „vigorously prosecute“ violators of adult obscenity laws.

“Those laws are clear and being prosecuted today and should be continued to be effectively and vigorously prosecuted in the cases that are appropriate,” Sessions said.

„Would you consider re-establishing a specific unit dedicated prosecuting this category of crime?“ Hatch asked.

Sessions admitted he was unaware the department had even been disbanded, but added he was open to resurrecting it.

„It was a part of the Department of Justice for a long time and I would consider that,“ Sessions concluded.

The Utah senator has prioritized the enforcement of obscenity laws when questioning every attorney general nominee for nearly 25 years. However, President-elect Donald Trump himself has appeared in porn, news of which resurfaced in October, after he urged Twitter users to „check out“ a nonexistent sex-tape of Clinton campaign surrogate Alicia Machado.

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