xHamster Introduces Avatar As Company Spokeswoman

Shy Yume XHamster

xHamster is one of the largest porn sites in the world and undoubtedly one of the most accomplished in marketing. Again and again, the company succeeds in generating international headlines. Now xHamster introduces an avatar named Shy Yume, who is to appear in the future as the virtual spokeswoman for the company.

The 25-year-old is the result of an extensive survey among users of the website. According to xHamster, Shy Yume is the average dream woman par excellence. She is Eurasian, bisexual, has extremely feminine curves, but an average breast size.

The avatar designers at xHamster have created a global dream woman from 50,000 responses. The company hopes that she will appeal to as many users of the site as possible.

xHamster presents: The global Dream Woman

Alex Hawkins, the omnipresent Vice President of xHamster, is pleased to welcome the addition to his marketing team. After all, it’s usually up to him to speak out for the company. Hawkins comments on the release of the Avatar with unusual allusions to literature: »We’re so pleased to welcome Shy to the family. She is the representation of our community’s collective id, and we look forward to having her grow with us and our users. She is the Galatea to our users’ Pygmalion.«

The avatar will interact with xHamster users in social media and become the face of the house whenever users of the site get in touch with the company.

To create the avatar, 50,000 women, men and non-binary people from over 150 countries were interviewed. All were asked to provide information about their dream woman. This included all possible physical characteristics that a person can exhibit, from hair and eye color, body shapes and limbs to age and breast size, everything was queried.

Are dream girls feminist?

The company thought that this should lead to an avatar that is pleasing to everyone. Nevertheless, the everyday woman could cause an uproar. Because xHamster also asked its users whether Shy Yume should see itself as feminist or not. Only 43% of respondents said the dream woman should be a feminist. In the USA, the figure was only 36%, and even worse among German respondents. Only 25% see their dream woman as a feminist.

Accordingly, Hawkins is a bit cautious and sly when he talks about the Avatar’s attitude. »A real feminist doesn’t ask someone’s permission as to how to think. We’ll see how Shy develops as her own person.«

Natural body shapes more popular than extreme forms

The xHamster spokesman therefore stresses that the survey did not lead to an unrealistic type of woman. »This study shows that consumers are shifting away from cartoonish proportions, in favor of someone who is a more realistic, naturally proportioned woman. We hope that Shy can present a face and body to xHamster users that is forward-thinking, and not some media-produced fantasy.«

Shy Yume already has an account on Instagram. You can find it here. xHamster has also published the results of its global dream woman user survey. It can be accessed via this link.


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