What To Do When Your Account Gets Banned Or Deleted?

social media suspension tips

One of the leading consultants and marketing experts in the US adult entertainment industry has created a huge guidebook-style blog post on what to do if a performer’s or sex worker’s social media account gets blocked, deleted, frozen, or worse. Amberly Rothfield provides a huge pool of resources for anyone affected by the pitfalls of ever-growing attacks on adult entertainment by big tech and governments worldwide.

With the recent refusal of the major credit card issuers to process payments for Pornhub it became pretty clear that the adult industry remains in an extremely vulnerable position everywhere on the planet. Regardless of size and business model performers, companies and platforms are at the mercy of big tech, social media companies, payment processors, and populist politicians and their media enablers eager to stifle free speech and reign in on the freedoms the internet provided to sex workers and the industry so far.

Amberly Rothfield put together a resourceful blog article for sex workers and studios on how to prepare for canceled accounts, frozen assets and a danger many industry members underestimate the event that a key business partner is going out of business or can’t provide services anymore.

The articles cover a wide range of topics and provide tips on what to look out for when establishing an online business as an adult performer including »starting a website, collaborations with other models, keeping a backup copy of all content, using a diverse group of platforms and many more tried-and-true methods.«

While the article is helping people affected by recent events surrounding Pornhub’s problems with Mastercard and Visa, Rothfield highlights that her article is useful for many other issues that might arise with Social Media companies, payment partners, or clip platforms. She said: »Everything in this guide can help models set themselves up for success if anything goes wrong, from a website disappearing to having your profile deleted.«

The helpful article can be found here. You can access Amberly Rothfields website via this link.


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