Xpervo: Little Caprice Dreams Releases New Series

Little Caprice Party

The VENUS stars Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo have announced a new porn series. Under the title »Xpervo« the two actors and producers want to regularly release hot and somewhat rougher scenes than in the other series.

After winning the AVN Award, the release of a Little Caprice branded version of the popular Nutaku game »Cunt Wars« and a self-distributed sextoy series, Little Caprice continues to dominate the international porn scene. Now she and her partner Marcello Bravo announce a self-produced series called Xpervo.

In an interview, Marcello Bravo is almost amazed at the success the couple has enjoyed for several years. »When we founded Little Caprice Dreams in 2016, the idea was to start slowly with our own production company, as we worked for the big studios all over the world. We wanted to do something high-end, but with an individual touch. And now we have this catalog with more than 80 models and over 500 scenes in 11 series«.

Apparently Marcello Bravo was in a chatty mood, because he also let the interviewer know that his experience as an acrobat seems doubly helpful for his current career. It is obvious that a man needs a lot of fitness and stamina in the porn business. But also the aesthetic and choregraphic elements that are needed in acrobatics are helpful for him today. After all, he often directs the productions of Little Caprice Dreams.

He adds: »Everything we produce, we do ourselves. We produce, direct, edit, and we book the locations and models. The shooting is so much fun and we are proud to create good scenes that are well received by the audience.«

Outsiders might be surprised how many tasks the two of them master and how much they have to put up with. But the energy seems to be boundless for now. »Sometimes it is difficult to direct when we are in front of the camera, but it works.«

There are now 11 series available on Little Caprice Dreams:

-WeCumtoYou – Swinger

-Caprice Casting – Models from all over the world

-Caprice Divas – Solo and Lesbian scenes

-Nassty – Couples, Threesomes, Anal

-POVDreams – Point of View Videos

-PornLifestyle – Holidayvlogs, Travelogues, Behind the Scenes

-Public Sex – Sex in public places

-SuperPrivate – Private Clips of the Little Caprice Models

-SexLesson – Tips and tricks for better sex

-Virtual Reality – VR-Videos

– Xpervo – Sweet girls who like to be punished

If you want to learn more about the new Xpervo range, click here.


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