WeCumToYou 9

Wecumtoyou Part 9

The successful series Wecumtoyou is taking off. By now there are already eight episodes and the ninth will be released this week.

The concept is easy to explain, Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo are visiting Swingers and have fun together worldwide. Whether professionals, amateurs or private persons, every couple can apply via their website littlecaprice.com.

At the end of the scene, the following is evaluated: How good was the male actor, how good was the female lead, as well as the location and the cameraman? On a score from 10.

Of course, there will be also a DVD soon. Marcello Bravo & Little Caprice say that Wecumtoyou 9 runs 48 min.

The trailer can be found here: bit.ly/WeCumToYou_Part9


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