Thanks To Corona: Sales Records At

watching porn with a coronavirus mask

The online vendor reports that its sales have increased dramatically since the first cases of corona infections in Europe.

As also announced by the German tabloid BILD in its live corona ticker, the demand for online pornography has been growing massively for several days now. The DVD and VOD provider reports: »So far, the high point was achieved last Sunday: On March 8, 2020, the provider recorded higher sales than on Black Friday, which is usually the day with the highest sales of the year. This applies to Video on Demand, i.e. downloads, as well as DVDs.«

According to the specialists at, the sales figures for DVDs are absolutely untypical for this time of year. Some customers apparently want to hoard not only toilet paper and noodles but also their own inventory of porn. It seems that in times of crisis users also begin to hoard media that can be played offline and in quarantine.

A representative of the company is amazed: »In some cases, DVD orders were placed for several thousand euros. The highest single order was even 6,700 Euros.« Especially from Italy, which is particularly badly affected and completely quarantined, and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of orders tripled.

Further information can be found on the website of and on its blog.


Every month, over half a million users visit the website of, one of the largest providers of on-demand porn on the internet in Germany. There are six million users every year. More than one million films are getting sold and then downloaded or streamed by customers. The share of German-language films is 30 percent.


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