Announces Lifetime Library SinDisk for ALL Video Purchases

Sarasota, FL – 24 July 2019. How redefines adult video services for users and producers …

In the digital marketplace it’s normal for you to be able to access ALL the music you’ve downloaded, ALL the ebooks you bought and ALL the movies you purchased. Why not adult videos?

Until came up with SinDisk, a lifetime library option, you had to pay-per-view every time, again and again. Buy more minutes, and once again, find that old classic that you enjoy so much.

How about the broken hard drives and disks, lost notebooks or stolen tablets? Ever had your computer locked by ransomware? And what if you just have to keep your device clean, but still want to own what you pay for? Simply stream again and again or download anytime. It’s like internal storage, saving every movie you ever purchased at

New Feature SinDisk Available Now:

Personal library (streaming & download) for all video purchases users ever make @

All videos of the library remain accessible even when taken off the regular marketplace/store

“This is just one great feature out of many others coming now on a regular basis” says Robert Marschall, CEO, Digital Media Management. “ is a not-to-be-missed adult playground without being a financial burden”

For more information on this topic, please contact:

Mary Beth Crockett, [email protected], 941-366-7774


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