YouPorn Launches Its Own App

der youporn app

Eroticism and pornography were one of the cornerstones behind the growth of the Internet. With mobile devices, on the other hand, the hypocritical gatekeepers of Apple and Google have been successfully blocking the use of adult apps for years. Neither in the Playstore nor in the iStore erotic offers can be found. Therefore more and more erotic companies rely on selling their apps via their own websites. Now the streaming portal YouPorn, which belongs to the MindGeek group, has also decided to publish its own app.

The attempt to bring apps rejected by Apple and Google among people and onto the devices of consumers is a laborious and cost-intensive business that has caused many porn studios and erotic companies to fail. VR companies in particular, which depend on apps for the widespread distribution of their content, are confronted with big, often financially draining, often hopeless problems. Even bigger companies such as Tumblr have preferred to comply with Apple’s and Google’s anti-sex guidelines instead of taking the risk of being thrown out of the app stores.

Will YouPorn’s market power suffice to get an app into the market, without Apple and Google?

But now, with YouPorn, a market player dares to enter the market with an app for Android and iOS that draws massive traffic on its own site. According to the ranking of the website, the tube site ranks 210th among the most visited sites worldwide. In addition, the provider has the deep pockets of the MindGeek group and the disruptive patience of some of the most aggressive Silicon Valley companies.

According to the site, movies will be streamed 50% faster via the in-house app and also offers the possibility to keep the browser history of the device free of pornographic content. However, it should be noted that the app is not a standalone solution. The app software uses the respective device’s browsers (Chrome/Safari) to deliver the content.

A video was published on Mashable that summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the new app. If you want to install the app on your own device, click here.



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