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xHamster Testing Machine Learning With xHai

It is not a secret that more and more websites use sophisticated tools to analyze their visitors’ journey. One example is taking it to the extreme. In its effort to compete with Mindgeek’s Pornhub, adult entertainment website and tube-pioneer xHamster is testing xHAI.

Alex Hawkins, Marketing Director at xHamster says that the new technology called »machine learning« is not only used by mainstream search engines or social media giants but also by adult entertainment companies with huge content archives like xHamster and other tube sites.

He says: »xHamster has an enormous volume of content [with users uploading] up to 5,000 videos daily (in total more than 5 million clips) in more than 400 categories with more than 50,000 tags (and this number is constantly increasing), 70,000 stars, and tens of thousands of producers. Who will work all of this out to offer movies to the user for their taste? xHamster artificial intelligence — xHAI.«

xHamster Claims that the Software analyzes each user’s preferences in order to understand customer wishes. It uses advanced and highly controversial technologies like facial recognition.

Hawkins explains: »xHAI scans the face of the model to determine not only her type but even the name — and invites the user to visit her page, see all the videos with her participation, and get acquainted with the performers and cam models similar to her. xHAI examines all of the videos you watched, how many previews that you add to the favorites, what you put on the likes or dislikes, where you comment — and will offer you what you are looking for.«

The tube Company things that xHAI will be able to learn and distinguish sexual acts, poses, and categories. The Software should be able to create tags for the videos and scan the Content for specific Scenes users might be interested in.

If you want to know more go to go to xHamster.com.


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