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xHamster Statistics on Viewing Trends During the Winter Olympics

x hamster winter

Due to all the data xHamster and PornHub incessantly collect mankind will learn plenty about itself. Major events and global phenomenon always have an impact on fantasies and porn habits. This year’s Olympics in the South Korean Pyeongchang makes no exception to that rule. It generated a vast amount of statistics to delve into. This data says a lot about the cold Winter of 2018.

the olimpics of pornWhen the current Olympic Games came to an End last Sunday, the people at xHamster begun to crunch numbers and generate statistics about our behavior during the time the athletes fought for Olympic gold.

Alex Hawkins, Vice President at xHamster said: »Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen the amazing successes, heart-wrenching defeats … and some of the sexiest Olympic athletes ever. From Lindsey Vonn and Karen Chen to everyone’s favorite shirtless Tongan, Pita Taufatofua, we’ve seen plenty of blood-rushing action.«

According to xHamster’s data specialists, the Olympic achievements did inspire a lot of people in plenty of other ways. »We looked at traffic to xHamster during the Olympics, and compared it to similar non-Olympic periods, and found there were distinct differences, most notably in how we view the sex appeal of various nationalities.«

Inevitably the question was raised which nation had the hottest athletes in the competition? xHamster’s data made this competition very easy to determine. While Norway clearly led this Olympics in the number of medals won, the Olympic team featuring the most searched for athletes on xHamster were the Netherlands. 12 percent increase in search terms belonging to »Dutch« related content speaks volumes. No other country has been searched for more often during the Olympics. One of the break-out stars were clearly the Olympic ice skater Sven Kramer from the Netherlands. During the game, xHamster also noticed a spike in interest for people from Korea and Italy.

For some reason there was a large interest from South Korea regarding Austrian content. Unfortunately xHamster has no explanation for the surge.

All in all the tube company saw a 553% increase in olympic-themed porn. Hawkins said: »At xHamster, we know the strong appeal of taught bodies engaged in acts of superhuman skill and unimaginable endurance. To all our unconventional gymnasts, wrestlers, shooters, jumpers, riders and handballers — we salute you! See you at Tokyo 2020!«


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