xHamster Partners With Minimizes Inventor for Indiegogo Campaign

AVN Reports: ”

xHamster has partnered with Moos Neimeijer, inventor of the Minimizes device, to launch an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the device.

Minimeyes is a specially designed motion sensor that immediately closes browser windows and mutes the sound the second someone approaches. As soon as minimeyes identifies an intruder, the sound goes off and the screen disappears.

Neimeijer has a working prototype, and has built an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise that extra funding.

“We think it’s pretty ingenious. We’re even offering a flash drive featuring some of our favorite premium scenes and content to go along with it, as a reward for early backers of the project,” xHamster officials said in a release.

xHamster has been an industry leader in keeping porn viewing private. The site was among the first tube sites to adopt the HTTPS security protocol, has campaigned against Investigatory Powers Act in the UK and works daily with customers across the world to help them evade governmental porn bans and monitoring.

“We’re always looking for technical innovations that can make watching xHamster more relaxing,” said Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “Other than our maybe xHamster beer, we couldn’t think of a better partner. We’re sure there are other uses for this device, like banking and email, but porn is different. We need our hands free so that we can pull up our pants!””



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