Pornhub Released Music Album For Valentine’s Day

pornhub valentine

The tube site Pornhub, part of the MindGeek group, launches its own song album on Valentine’s Day featuring hip-hop stars such as Blac Chyna, Lil Ak and 6ix9ine. In cooperation with Create Music Group, the world’s leading porn site is once again trying to sneak its brand into the mainstream of pop culture.

The first thing you will associate with Pornhub is exactly what the name says: porn. And a lot of it, and it’ free of charge. Some people will also remember that the portal is a disruptive force in the porn business and threatens the business models of many studios and paid services. At least as many people are likely to associate the website with increasing democratization of the porn industry; after all, it also offers amateurs and individual performers the opportunity to make their own content known via the global platform. It is the most frequently accessed porn offering in the world and the brand is known far beyond the industry. Mentions of the site in late night shows, mainstream magazines as well as high profile cooperations with megastars such as Kanye West illustrate its importance. But it is also the result of clever PR work.

Global event + sex + clever idea = media attention
What has always distinguished Pornhub is its ability to make headlines around the world and to provide the editors of online magazines, lifestyle publications and news sites with promising topics and stories. And so the Canadian marketing professionals thought that a music album with hip-hop stars would be an ideal campaign for Valentine’s Day. And la voilà: the media, including our own news outlet Venus Adult News do exactly that: report on it.
Hip-Hop, Porn & Love
The album is called »Valentine« according to the occasion. You can hear six songs, collaborations of hip-hop musicians like Black Chyna, Lil Xan, Asian Doll, MadeinTYO, PnB Rock, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Lil AK.

The album released under the Pornhub label is available through all major streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube Music. From this link, you can briefly listen to the album and then access the music service of your choice to listen to the entire album.


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