ManyVids Starts »Ethical« Tubesite


Clipsite operator ManyVids is challenging market leaders like Pornhub and xHamster with a new tube site claiming to be the ethical choice. will start out only with uploads by their performers and creators themselves.

Traditionally porn tube sites start out as huge portals with pirated material. MindGeek’s dominance with tube giants like Pornhub, Redtube and YouPorn has its roots in dubious business practices.

And even though by now many studios and performers use these tube sites to promote their material to a worldwide audience and even though some individual performers now earn a living through the site, many in the industry still feel bitter. There is a lot of resentment about the Canadian porn company’s bullying tactics to get to the top and become the market leader.

An »Ethical« Tube Site?

Now the fast-growing clip site ManyVids has created a tube site that it claims to be »ethical«. In comparison to PornHub only performers and studios can upload their own content. That way no pirated material would blackmail the performers to use the platform.

Bella French is the CEO of ManyVids. She wants to achieve the same safeguards in relation to piracy the industry established for mainstream movie studios and musicians. Creating a tube site though might seem contradictory. After all, the global phenomenon is in large parts responsible for the revenue crisis of the traditional studios. But as Bella French was a cam girl herself ManyVids does have a lot of industry credit.

She said that her tube site »presents a true alternative to the plethora of free adult tube sites that have been accused of destroying the adult industry and exploiting adult performers by uploading pirated content. This ends today.«

A spokesperson for the company said: »Fans now have a platform in which to watch porn conscientiously, knowing their favorite porn stars, cam girls, and cam boys are not being exploited for their viewing pleasure.«

Porn Consumption As an Act of Rebellion

ManyVids started a hashtag campaign. It launched a video to accompany the start of its tube site. It is called #JoinTheRebellion. The company hopes that it will be picked up and go viral.

ManyVids claims that all content is »ethical« and that only the creators will upload it. On the other hand, there is no way the company can check the production conditions. After all, the content is by definition produced by independent individuals worldwide. Additionally, some of the performers might now feel pressure to use the tube site to get attention for their paid content on the site. The concept of free content as an advertisement for paid content combined with portals that draw huge traffic is basically nothing new. The established market leaders do essentially the same. The question is how the ManyVids performers will use the new site.

MVTube highlights the possibility that you don’t have to do porn to sell on its platform. You can sell all kinds of non-nude content. Therefore non-nude erotic models might upload on the platform without fear of deletion. This happens quite a lot for models on platforms like Instagram or Patreon.

If you want to explore the new tube site click here.


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