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The French Are Busted (Pornhub Spells Their Secrets)

what kind of porn people watch in France

French porn viewers got busted! The tube site Pornhub released a lot of interesting data about the way French consumers view their porn. The insight into the porn habits of La Grande Nation was created after Journal du Geek asked Pornhub several questions mostly concerned with the technical devices used to access Pornhub.

Apparently French viewers are not as keen to switch to smartphones and other mobile devices. An average of 70% of all visitors to Pornhub tend to use mobile devices, in France only 61% use them to access Pornhub.

The numbers differ slightly among the sexes. 33% of French women still use desktop or laptop devices to go to Pornhub, only 25% of French men do the same.

Pornhub said: »Our statisticians also found that mobile usage was highest among French visitors in the 25-to-34 age group. 18-to-24-year-olds were just as likely to be using desktop computers as visitors aged 35 to 44. Visitors over the age of 65 are 110 percent more likely to be using desktop computers when compared to all other age groups.«

There is also a slight difference to French behavior when it comes to the choice of their browsers. Pornhub explained: »Chrome is by far the most popular web browser among France’s desktop users, but it’s actually 6 percent less popular when compared to the world, while Firefox is 31 percent more popular in France. On mobile devices, Chrome browser is 12 percent more popular in France, and the default Samsung branded browser is 34 percent more popular in France than the world.«

While the search words »anal«, »ebony«, »French« and »Lesbian« are the most popular video categories on Android as well as Apple devices, there is a slight difference in the popularity of »hentai«. Android users look for hentai porn more often than Apple users. On the other hand, Apple users prefer »big tits« as well as the categories »popular with women«, »ass« and »hardcore«. Android users prefer »Indian«, »Cosplay« and »Cartoon« compared to Apple users.



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