European Elections: What Do Europeans Decide On When It Comes To Pornography?

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On 26 May, all EU citizens will be able to vote in the elections to the European Parliament. That is reason enough for the adult portal xHamster to take a closer look at how users from the individual member states behave on its website.




















All EU countries have one thing in common: their own nationality is always among the TOP10 of search queries, so there is not much European spirit when it comes to masturbation.

Otherwise, most countries share the same search interests and, in addition to common requests, family terms such as mother, sister, brother, stepmother and similar combinations are searched for particularly frequently throughout the EU.

The Cypriots have an average of only 05:23 minutes on, with Poles and Czechs finishing second with 08:56. Bulgarians, on the other hand, spend the longest time on the website with 11:18 minutes on average.

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The Baltic states have the highest percentages of female porn users: Estonia 34.2 percent, Lithuania 35.4 percent and Latvia 35.9 percent. Only in Hungary is the proportion of women higher at 36 percent. In comparison, the proportion of female viewers in Germany is only around 23.5 percent, with the lowest proportion of women in Great Britain at 20.5 percent.

Germany is clearly the front-runner in terms of overall usage, ahead of Great Britain and France, with Malta being the last in the ranking.

In addition to the EU elections, elections will also be held in Bremen, Germany’s smallest federal state, on 26 May. The xHamster users from Bremen are divided into 22.6 percent women and 77.4 percent men. Of these, 36 percent access the site from a desktop PC, 47 percent from a smartphone and 17 percent from a tablet. The vast majority now also use erotic offers on their mobile phones. Almost a third of the users are between 25 and 34 years old, only 8.7 percent are older than 65. Bremen has a particular interest in fetish sex: »femdom latex BDSM« ranks first in search queries.porno in Bremen








xHamster is the world’s largest amateur erotic site with over 30 million users per day. The platform was founded in 2007 and offers a variety of different categories and genres, depending on preferences and tastes. xHamster now offers over four million videos from users in 197 countries. The platform is a pioneer in terms of user security and is also committed to the rights of the LGBTQ community. To mark its tenth anniversary, xHamster has developed its own type of beer.



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