JustForFans Launching Industry Directory For Its Models

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After JustFor.fans has already revolutionized the way models and performers interact with fans, the young company is now also taking on the professional side of business mediation. With the establishment of an industry directory, JustFor.fans wants to facilitate direct interactions between its registered performers and selected industry service providers.

The monetization platform JustFor.Fans (JFF) has created a directory of service providers from the industry for its own pool of performers and models. Commenting on the new service for P2C (Performer to Customer) providers, a company representative said: »The goal of the directory is to connect models with service providers who can help models maximize their profits, and let them concentrate on what they do best: creating content. The business directory lists videographers, photographers, editors, location rentals and marketing professionals who all want to help models succeed by offering them their services at affordable prices. All verified models have access to the directory.«

JFF wants to become the central hub of the P2C industry
Company founder Dominic Ford says: »JFF is a community platform that connects models to their fans. In 2019, we are expanding what we mean by ‘community’ and this is one of several initiatives that seek to grow and solidify JFF as a central hub of communication in the adult industry.«

He adds: »The business directory helps the community by connecting vendors with models who might need their services. So many models are great at creating content, but don’t have the skills to edit their movies, market themselves well, and so on. There are many service providers interested in working with these models. We are helping create a marketplace to support our community. By working together, everyone can have a shot at being successful. The business directory is one of many projects we have in store to increase the productivity of our models and help support the entire industry.«

Marketing professionals and affiliate experts promise higher revenues

Carnal Stars is one of the companies that will be among the companies that will be on JFF’s directory. Legrand Wolf is CEO of the company. In an interview, he said of the new platform: »We are very excited to be a launch partner in the JFF business directory. JFF is creating an amazing community for sex workers and those who support them. Carnal Stars offers selected models a killer marketing machine without requiring them to learn the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing. We offer models key tools to quickly grow their JFF business, turning non-subscribed fans into high-paying JFF customers.«

The website of JustFor.fans can be found here.


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