Paypal Leaves Pornhub Models Without Payment

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A big blow for countless performers, actors and models on Pornhub: Paypal has cut off the largest platform in the industry from being able to pay around 100,000 performers by using the payment processor. This results in delays in numerous payouts. That is a huge problem as some performers only have Paypal as a way to receive money.

Paypal already is one of the most difficult and hostile payment processors for adult entertainment. The censorship regulations of the service provider are so vague that accounts of performers, studios and other industry players are constantly threatened by suspension or the freezing of payments. But in many South American countries and Russia, for example, the worldwide service is indispensable and often the only way for performers to get their money from international customers and platforms.

Now Paypal denied Pornhub, the Internet’s largest porn network and one of the most important platforms for performers selling directly to their fans, the ability to make payouts to its performers. According to a press release by the Mindgeek subsidiary , payments from October are apparently affected and up to 100,000 performers worldwide are suffering the consequences.

The network states in a press release: »We are all devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods.« Affected partners and performers waiting for Pornhub payments now have to choose another payment method offered by Pornhub – which is not always possible.

For performers and affiliates living or headquarted in Europe Pornhub offers SEPA payments. This should make it relatively easy for EU models to receive their payments quickly. Via this link Pornhub explains how the switch of payment methods can quickly be dealt with. Canadian and US models are also likely to get a fast substitute to receive their money. Those who update their payment information in their Pornhub accounts will quickly receive their money, the network promises. Payments are scheduled to be made by the end of the week.

For actors from other parts of the world, however, the Paypal ban could become a problem. This can also be seen in the comment tree that has developed under the company’s blog entry explaining the situation. Performers from South America and Russia often have far fewer possibilities to receive money and Paypal is often the only way to get paid quickly and cost-effectively. Other ways are partly not possible, partly very expensive or insecure.

Paypal once again shows little sensitivity in dealing with sex workers and members of the adult industry. Although the problem has been well known for years, and Paypal can argue that Pornhub should have known better, stopping such large amounts of money without a transition and putting tens of thousands of people in trouble worldwide is immensely irresponsible and constitutes severe discrimination against sex workers. So close to Christmas, of course, it is particularly bitter, cold and burdensome.

A PayPal spokesman coolly commented to Vice: »Following a review, we have discovered that Pornhub has made certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission. We have taken action to stop these transactions from occurring.« PayPal is certainly corrected for this, but the Group’s important position should lead to more responsible dealings.

Consequently, Pornhub harshly criticizes the decision: »Decisions like that of PayPal and other major companies do nothing but harm efforts to end discrimination and stigma towards sex workers.« Pornhub thus wants to make itself even more independent of international payment processors in the future and is counting on the expansion of crypto currencies. Bitcoin & Co. could thus become an important alternative in view of the increasing censorship efforts against the erotic industry worldwide.

Here is the link to the message from Pornhub. There you will also find information on


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