»I got 50 euros for clothespins«

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Larissa, also known as Itzz Laraiza, recently graduated in Human Resources Development and has been working as a model. But she doesn’t want to just rely on this field. In addition to her Instagram account, where she has 70,000 followers, she has been offering exclusive insights on her BestFans account for over a year, which fans can access for a fee. This has proven successful, as she has now built up quite a following here as well. She chose BestFans as her content creator platform because it is a German company – unlike elsewhere, her followers can pay in euros and without a credit card.

Larissa says with a smile that she also receives unusual requests on BestFans. Once she was asked to put clothespins on various parts of her body and to make a video of it. It was not as painful as she had feared and was also very well received by the gentleman who asked for it. However, she has clear boundaries and refuses requests that involve children, animals or things that belong in the toilet. She also only takes pictures/videos when she feels like it and anything that seems “weird” to her will not be done. However, Larissa would like to make more pictures or videos with other BestFans girls, like Mia Julia or Bianka.

The Mannheim native is focusing on building her brand, Laraiza. She strives to increase awareness, reach and followers. »I want to do what I feel like doing, without restrictions.«

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About BestFans

BestFans is an online platform founded in Hamburg in 2019 for the distribution of paid content such as photos and videos. Users can enjoy exclusive content via a monthly membership or individual purchases. Content is mainly created by creators in the lifestyle, fashion, and sports industries, as well as public figures, in order to monetize their profession.

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