Hot photos instead of a scientific degree

Full-time Cosplayer


Erotic photoshoots, cosplay, and the internet: That’s how Gumiho makes her living today. “Nowadays, it’s my main job to create and market professional content, for example, on Before, I offered my content on other platforms, but I was always looking for a portal specifically for my German fans,” she explains. Originally, the 24-year-old wanted to go to college after graduating from high school: “I had something scientific in mind, like psychology or journalism, but things always turn out differently than you think,” Gumiho explains. “I’m very lucky that I was able to turn my biggest hobby and passion, modeling, cosplay, and erotic photography, into my profession. Now, my other interests that I once wanted to study have become my hobbies. In my free time, I still read a lot of scientific books, and that probably won’t change.”

A highlight for the young cosplay star is the personal contact with fans at conventions, instead of just being digital. “When I meet my fans face to face, it blows me away every time. I feel incredible love and appreciation, which you simply can’t forget, and I actually find it crazy that sometimes I’m told what a positive influence I have on people. That really moves me.”

In addition to her passion for cosplay, the native German-Hungarian has always been interested in erotic art and has been drawing a lot from a young age. Over time, these drawings became more revealing: “I simply find the human body fascinating. At some point, I started taking sexy photos at home and realized that I could better express my creative ideas this way than through drawing. That was a natural progression for me.” It led to the combination of erotic photos and cosplay, and the character she portrays today was born.

“At the beginning, I consciously held back and didn’t take explicit nude photos because I didn’t want to jeopardize other job opportunities. But when I realized that I could do this for the long term and even as a full-time job, I could finally express myself the way I wanted. As strange as it may sound, I primarily create my content for my own creative fulfillment, even though it makes me incredibly happy to bring joy to other people as well. I stand 100% behind everything I do and consume such content from other models myself because I simply love this erotic aesthetic, whether it’s selfies, professional shoots, casual, cosplay, or hardcore porn; everything has its place in my heart.”

Gumiho emphasizes, “Fortunately, I chose my friends wisely; they think it’s all very cool and fully support me. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be my friends. My family was very concerned at the beginning, especially my mother. She was afraid I would get stalkers and such, but it was never about the content itself, quite the opposite. She thinks what I do is great and even has posters of me hanging at home. My dream is to have my own photo studio one day that I can rent out to other models. And I want to write at least one book too!”


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