Dana Natalli: Dared and won

Milf Dana Natalli

Dana Natalli, 53, made a momentous decision last summer and turned her life upside down. She began to turn her most private things inside out and showed intimate pictures publicly, for money. She started in August 2021 with probably the biggest change in her life so far and since then she is extremely present and popular on BestFans.com. Here she shows her ever-growing fan community sexy photos and short videos of herself, mostly in lingerie, but also sometimes naked. “My family knows, and we’ve also defined some boundaries together,” Dana explains.

“Everything I do is 100 percent real.” That includes her almost perpetual lust, which she now acts out in her revealing photographs. Even before her public career, Dana enjoyed producing photos and movies in private, but intended for four eyes only, not thousands. What started as fun is now almost a full-time job. “I get so many requests that I can’t even answer them all, let alone fulfill them,” she reports. “When I’m producing, I’m just thinking about taking the best photos possible, and only when I’m editing do I imagine how thousands of people will look at it later.” And she likes the idea. “I’ve completely stepped out of my role as an entrepreneur’s wife.” Before, the stylish Dana was mostly in the background, “dutifully” fulfilling her role. “But there was something missing in my life and no one in my private environment would have expected that. But even here Dana gets only positive feedback for this quite daring step. Her fans shower her with compliments for her style, which she consistently maintains. “It is always important for me to maintain a level and do everything with style and elegance,” she says. “I really like my new role, it is fun and I have come to stay”.



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