»Dirty Talk« – An Authentic Podcast Series By MyDirtyHobby

dirty talk

VENUS exhibitor MyDirtyHobby.com has released seven episodes of its new podcast »Dirty Talk«. It features interviews with amateurs whose content and shows can be seen on MyDirtyHobby.

With the Podcast »Dirty Talk« the popular platform ventures into the massively booming Podcast-industry with weekly audio features – once upon a time just called radio shows.

In the midst of the digital streaming mania, the relatively unpretentious medium of podcasts seems to find more and more followers. A trend that should make all cultural pessimists happy.

In this format, the core product of MyDirtyHobby is played out to perfection: authentic proximity to amateurs. Listeners will be able to get closer to their favorite amateurs and learn a lot about the clips and streams on the site.

The episodes of the podcast are dedicated to individual performers who talk about how they got into the industry, what their everyday lives are like and how they go about their daily lives in addition to their work for MyDirtyHobby.

In the first episodes of »Dirty Talk« fans of MyDirtyHobby can learn more about the popular actors Cat-Coxx, Costas_Antonis, Daynia, HannaSecret, Jenny_Stella, Lia_Leone, Mila_Bae and SamAngel.

According to MyDirtyHobby, there will be a new episode of the podcast every Friday. The offer is available via all popular podcast services like Deezer, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

More information can be found on the website of mydirtyhobby.com.


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