ManyVids Offers Students Free Memberships

manyvids studenten

Clip site operator ManyVids has decided to offer free memberships to students at the Universities of Harvard and Princeton. CEO and founder Bella French is reacting to a campus-wide ban on porn sites recently imposed by the two elite universities.

ManyVids is one of the fastest growing clip site providers, where customers can buy clips directly from their stars and favorite performers on a regular basis. Following a ban on porn sites on the campus of the Ivy-League Universities, the company wants to give three-month memberships to students of the affected universities.

With this campaign, ManyVids wants to draw attention to the fact that not all porn is the same and that especially the offers of the clip and fan sites are self-directed by the performers. Therefore they are from an economic point of view and also in the area of production conditions with a high probability ethically sound porn. Bella French says: »Not all porn is created equal, and censorship of any kind rarely has a happy ending.«

ManyVids’ Mission

As a former camgirl, she emphasizes her company’s mission: »ManyVids continues to be at the forefront of the industry, where porn stars and cam models can be sexually free, and for anyone coming to our platform for a pleasurable experience, talks of censorship poses a major threat to personal freedom within the adult ecosystem.«

The company’s founder sees the growing market for ethical pornography at risk as a result of legislative initiatives around the world to curb online pornography. Numerous achievements of the last decades are questioned again by backward views on sexuality. French is convinced that clip sites such as ManyVids, Clips4Sale, Kinkbomb, and iWantClips as well as fan portals such as FanCentro empower performers to a new freedom. At ManyVids French says, performers are »empowered to be successful entrepreneurs in full command of their craft, the impetus behind«

More information about the company and its offerings can be found here.


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