ManyVids Campaigning For Body Positivity

body shame

The clip site operator ManyVids has already advocated performer rights and LGBTQ issues several times. Now the company is launching a campaign against body shaming and for a positive attitude towards the natural beauty of any body shape.

The campaign of the successful clip seller ManyVids runs under the hashtag #MVFreeTheBody and is intended to strengthen the self-confidence of people with different body shapes and to provide for a greater variety among the performers in adult entertainment. The experience with clip site operators is that not only classical and traditional body shapes are perceived as attractive and popular, but also numerous performers are very successful who do not meet traditional beauty criteria.

#MVFreeTheBody is designed to empower sex workers and challenge prejudices about traditional beauty standards. The video produced for the campaign shows six sex workers in underwear designed by Bella French. French once worked as a camgirl herself and is co-founder and CEO of ManyVids.

Commenting on the campaign, she said: »In 2019, the adult industry landscape is widely different to what it was in 2014 when we launched ManyVids, however, our commitment to redefining beauty, promoting sex-positivity, and raising awareness of gender equality in the adult industry hasn’t changed. The women photographed in our campaign celebrate inclusion and diversity; each has her own unique, brave story and is a true inspiration for women everywhere. These are the true faces and bodies of our erotic fantasies.«

She adds: »We want to show the world the real beauties that millions of our members truly desire and not the unidimensional beauty standard that has permeated every facet of our media, including pornography, the ultimate platform for the definition of what is appealing. ManyVids exists as validation that women of every shape, age, sexual identification and size are beautiful. Our platform serves to provide them with a means to shine proudly and embrace who they are. Who they really are without any shame and the sex workers featured in this campaign are a testament to that fact.«

Campaign performers include Sally D’Angelo, Gwen Adora, Sure Cakes, Goddess Haven, TsBlondieNYC and Kay Ottie. More information about the platform can be found on ManyVids’ website. The underwear is available at the MV Store.


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