Webbilling Upgrades Services With Phone and Mobile Billing

Webbilling.com (part of TrafficPartner.com), offering the most advanced payment gateway for e-commerce transactions on a global scale since more than 10 years, has announced today that landline and mobile options have been added to the company’s billing services. This extension will offer the fastest and easiest options for monetary transactions to merchants from all virtual spaces (e.g. adult, gaming, etc.) and especially European regions. The simplicity of the technology allows for immediate payments, because there is no need for customers to reveal bank account information or to sign up, potentially enabling higher conversion rates right away.

“Direct phone billing methods are becoming more approved globally,” Michael Reul said, CEO TrafficPartner. “Accordingly, we felt it was time to broaden Webbilling.com’s technical spectrum once more. It will allow merchants from all over the world to offer these very convenient and immediate payment solutions to their customers. Our experience made clear that this can relate directly to increased conversions.”
Webbilling is known to provide a substantial selection of the most popular payment methods to its merchants. Spanning from credit cards, SEPA direct debit, SOFORT / KLARNA bank transfer to regionally demanded solutions such as iDEAL or Przelewy24. However, early 2018 marks the addition of immediate billing per landline or mobile.

While the company’s core has always focused on the European market, worldwide coverage is at hand for a majority of the newly added payment types. Technical details for mobile billing have been listed as follows:

– DCB (Direct carrier billing) and PSMS (Premium SMS)
– MO (Mobile originated)
– MT (Mobile terminated)

Meanwhile, phone calls are basically handled through a premium telephone number. When in use, merchants will have a wide palette of price points at their convenience. Customers may enter a unique order number and the purchase will simply be added to their telephone invoice. Two kinds are applicable for the procedure: “timed calls”, processing payments exact to the second and “drop calls”. The latter allows rather larger sums to be handled within just a few seconds – it’s even considered to be faster as SMS services.

“These direct billing methods are a perfect way to enhance the income span and maximize your user experience at the same time,” Michael Reul stated. “It is just highly convenient for any customer to make use of immediate and user-friendly payment methods. There’s no need to enter credit card or bank account information, making transactions online less of a hassle. We have so far seen positive outcomes from a multitude of regions, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Nordics and more.”

Webbilling expects all merchants to greatly profit from this latest installment. Services are accessible via the company’s well-constructed API which has proven itself successful and easy to implement.
“All big online shops provide mobile and landline payments to their customers for a reason,” Reul said. “As a Webbilling merchant you are now able to offer the same. Simply select the new payment types from the menu. All future billing information will then be made available in the frontend.”

You can contact Webbilling for further information at [email protected] or register as merchant on www.webilling.com.


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