VR Startup VirtualMate Promises Authentic Experiences With Pornstars

virtual mate core

A VR company ventures into merging VR experiences with smart sex toys. VirtualMate launches an intelligent stroker called Core, that interacts with content viewed in VR devices. A special highlight? The company wants to license the likeness of several porn stars of the last decades and today’s megastars to create digital clones of them. Thus, the user can get a hot experience with his porn star favorite.

The VR company VirtualMate, founded by Jeff Dillon, wants to bring a combi system onto the market, which allows users to have sexual experiences with digitalized avatars of real porn stars. In order to do this, users need the software, VR glasses and a stroker called Core, developed by VirtualMate, that reacts to events in the VR environment.

Apparently there is still a lack of funds to finance the futuristic wet dream of almost every man in the world. Starting September 9, a crowdfunding campaign is to be launched on Indiegogo to make the system possible. In other words, at the time of writing, there are only a few nice commercials and promises of the founders.

Interactive VR experience with porn stars

These, however, have the potential to fundamentally change the porn industry and human sexuality. Because who wouldn’t like to have seemingly realistic sex with their favorite porn star? Virtual Mate also claims that the digitization process of the playmates not only focused on the most detailed, high-resolution avatars possible, in which even tiny skin structures become visible but especially on the realistic development of their characters.

The system offers three modes, a so-called story mode, in which you first get to know the avatar over time, a fast mode, in which you go straight to the point of having sex and a VR mode, which promises interactive experiences.
Sheila is a lifelike VR playmate

In the promotional videos you can see the currently available avatar, a beautiful brunette woman named Sheila, undoubtedly reproduced and animated in high resolution and true to details. According to VirtualMate, the lifelike facial expressions and authentic movements are generated by capturing, scanning and digitizing the model using real-time rendering and face and body capture technology.

For the complete experience, the company has developed a special stroker, which also imitates the body temperature of the VR playmate. Once the user has the masturbator called Core he can immediately immerse his penis in a well-tempered environment and experience vibrations and movements that harmonize with the action in his VR viewing device.

VR licenses: Additional income for porn stars?

Jeff Dillon promises that some of the most popular porn stars of recent decades will be available on his company’s interactive sex system. »Users will enjoy the company of a digitally recreated Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick Virtual Mate from their superstar golden eras, besides the current popular adult stars, who have also come on board to lend their virtual likeness. Users will be amazed at how lifelike these characters are.«

The company seems not to have reached many licensing deals yet. This might be another reason why Dillon emphasizes the potential advantages for former and currently active porn stars during his project presentation. Licensing one’s own avatar could generate lucrative, passive income streams, which could provide reliable income long after the active career in the porn business. He is convinced: »The licensing of a model’s likeness will be the next frontier of content licensing.«
Long-lasting sexual relations in the VR world?

For fans of the stars, this offers unforeseen possibilities, says Dillon. »You want Tera before she got tattoos? Or after? Maybe both in the same day! Why not?« The aging of stars could also open up an interesting field in which the user could either create different experiences or imagine a long-lasting relationship with their Avatar.

According to the company, numerous well-known stars have already given their consent to participate in a competition. Users can vote on which actresses they want to be the first to be available in the system. Among the first candidates are Cherie DeVille, Lexi Luna, Austyn Monroe, Maddy O’Reilly, Cindy Starfall, Jaclyn Taylor, and Tiffany Watson. Actresses who would like to nominate themselves can do so via VirtualMate.com/be-a-virtual-mate.

At the center: A toy called Core

The introductory price of the Core is $99 and it is expected to be available from the end of December 2019. According to VirtualMate, customers who pre-order will receive a 60% discount and exclusive content. To use VirtualMate, you will of course also need a mobile device and a VR device.

The Indiegogo campaign will start here in a few days. You can find the company’s website with this link. Here is the trailer for the product launch:



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