Venus Adult News makes website more secure with encrypted connection

Venus Adult News moves to https with an ssl certificate

This Wednesday “Venus Adult News” did move its entire website to a secure and encrypted server.

Following in the footsteps of some of the biggest news outlets V.A.N. has followed “best practice” by moving its entire site from an HTTP to an HTTPS connection. This means that content served on is now encrypted, by default.

The main benefit of HTTPS is that it makes our site more secure for our users. More specifically, it’s more secure when you submit any sort of information.

It’s essential on pages where users are required to give their credit card information and/or other personal details. However, we think it’s a good thing to have on all pages.

There are Many Reasons in Favour of HTTPS and None (Really) Against It

Hacking scandals affect the lives of millions of people. Now attitudes are changing, and internet users are wiser to the potential misuse and abuse of their personal information. Now, they question the safety and security of their data. read more…




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