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USASexGuide Back After SESTA-Shutdown

usa sex guide ist zurück

One of the many websites suddenly closing down after President Trump’s signature under the SESTA/FOSTA laws, is launching a comeback. As expected USASexGuide just moved its servers and domain outside the US jurisdiction. Many companies are expected to follow this route.

USASexGuide provided a city-by-city catalogue of pleasure sites within the US. Under the new laws it might have been held responsible for any violation against sex trafficking laws. That was why the company temporalily shut down its website. Now it reappeared as USASexGuide.nl which basically means the operators just switched hosting services and the domain name.

Before that the services of the company were available under USASexGuide.info.

SESTA/FOSTA on the surface is meant to prevent human trafficking for prostitution. As prostitution is generally prohibited in the US sex trafficking already applies to any service helping or enabling prostitutes finding clients. Under the new law any website that could be considered enabling prositution could be targeted by US law enforcement. In the case of Backpage.com authorities already showed that the new laws will be applied. In response many websites and companies changed user guidelines or shut down part or whole services.

USASexGuide was used by 503.000 unique users. It featured more than 3.3 million reviews on more than 18.000 diverse topics such as sites to have sex, etc.

The new website with the Dutch domain name still features discussion boards and reviews about prostitutes and illegal brothels, escort services, massage parlos, strip clubs and all kind of sexual services offered by sex workers throughout the US.

The operators released a statement about the relaunch: »First and foremost, thanks for waiting. We missed all you guys. You will note the new URL. The name is essentially the same, it’s just in Holland where buying pussy is legal and the Dutch kinda dig telling everybody to fuck off. The site is also pretty much the same. We did some upgrades, and it’s owned by a Bulgarian guy now … but the site itself is and will remain the same.«

If more companies follow USASexGuide to Europe or other parts of the world where prostitution is legal, the US won’t have any means to enforce the thinly veiled attempt to enforce a new anti-sex agenda lobbied by the Trump government.


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