Traffic Powerhouse Fortified: Welcomes DatingCash / Mad Offers

Netherlands – is extending its already vast roster of monetizing services for adult and mainstream traffic. The company has just released news that a partnership with DatingCash / MAD Offers had been secured recently! This move supposedly adds yet another strong layer of appeal, thus making the traffic conglomerate even more alluring for publishers, networks or advertisers with an adult or mainstream focus.

It seems the mantra “Vollgas” is shared already. Optimization for new European countries allegedly comes first and DatingCash / Mad Offers are already on it.
“A short-term goal on our end is to further optimize the products and expand services to new countries fast,” said Bram Bolt, co-founder and managing director of DatingCash / MAD Offers. “At the moment we’re targeting France, Switzerland, Austria and the UK specifically, while the Netherlands and Belgium naturally remain our strongest markets. Before we’re headed to new regions though, we simply want to ensure a top notch service delivered to the new audience. Of course, we’re already stellar in this regard, but we feel with on our side, we’ll be able to push our tech even further.”

“They are professionals when it comes to ROI maximization for mainstream, gaming and dating traffic in Europe,” said Michael Reul, CEO
“Earlier this year we’ve welcomed Grand Slam Media / Adnium to the TrafficPartner family, just a couple of weeks ago we could happily announce VR Bangers on board with us and now DatingCash / MAD Offers will allow to fortify and diversify our European offers, while keeping our global growth going at the same time. Shortly put, there’s a sensational amount of power in the house of and anybody is welcome to benefit from our expertise. That is, if you are an affiliate or advertiser looking for the best ways to increase revenue, highest payouts and other lucrative facets.”

Even though the companies had not been involved businesswise before, there were plenty occasions where contact was made and maintained. 
“Generally speaking, it was very important for me to know Michael (Reul) and Andy (Wullmer),” Bolt continued. “You know? A good personal connection. So, when negotiations really started, obviously the existing synergies made for high interest from our end. Although, we also wanted to become part of the family, because we already knew of the extensive knowledge and power behind! We couldn’t wish for a better partner when it comes to dating products for example or analytics that help achieve the next level.”

While both companies are focused on preparing next steps together, interested parties and existing customers can already look out for offers from the Netherlands and Belgium at this stage.
“Naturally, clients can push DatingCash’s great converting NL and BE offers, like or to name a few, within the TrafficPartner Performance Network,” Bolt explained. “Meanwhile Digital Performance will handle media buying for our brands. In the best case scenario, this will make for better converting products and the desired extension for new geographical areas. If you’re not already signed up with DatingCash, now is the best time to give our Affiliate program a look. Optimizations are being rolled out gradually as we’re talking here and anyone who becomes a partner will feel our improvements soon! We’re taking big steps considering Usability and conversion optimization. Look out for our new WL editor with full SEO support and some interesting surprises!”

MAD Offers are said to be delivering offers from the biggest advertisers for the dating, gambling and mobile space. Combined with best converting landers and flows with supposedly highest payouts on PPL and PPS. The company also contributes PPL and Revshare for the gaming vertical.

DatingCash provides several promo tools and a wide range of landing pages which allegedly maximize conversion of their customer’s traffic. Optimizations started and should allow for achieving the highest possible profits and payouts. DatingCash also has the option to promote their brands or create a whitelabel.
Besides CPL, the company gives out 45 percent on lifelong revenue share.

For more information, please get in contact with via: 
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