Peter Rabenseifner New CEO at TrafficStars

Peter Rabenseifner CEO Trafficstars

The advertising network TrafficStars announced that Peter Rabenseifner will become the new CEO of the company.

Peter Rabenseifner will be the new CEO of the Cyprus-based Ad Network TrafficStars. The company buys and sells advertising traffic services using so-called OpenRTB protocols and is one of the most important market players for publishers networks working adult entertainment.

Peter Rabenseifner is regarded as an experienced industry expert who has already been in a leading position at TrafficStars for a year. Now he will be responsible for the day-to-day business of the advertising network.

Geoffrey Bonnechère is co-founder and predecessor of Rabenseifner as CEO of TrafficStars. He has managed the company for four years and will continue in an advisory role for his successor. Bonnechère said about Rabenseifner: »Peter’s expertise and reputation within this industry make him the perfect fit for this position. Over the past year Peter has effectively led the TrafficStars business by developing long-term strategies, restructuring all departments and innovating new technologies. I am confident that Peter is the right person to take over TrafficStars.«

Rabenseifner has previously gained leadership experience and has delivered particularly strong results in the restructuring of business divisions. Rabenseifner himself is looking forward to his future work: »I cannot imagine a more exciting time to be managing TrafficStars. After leading the company for the past year in the role of managing director, I am certain that with the talented team we have in place and the industry-leading technology we have developed, TrafficStars will continue to grow and TrafficStars will continue to thrive. I am thrilled to bring in my experience and knowledge to lead TrafficStars to the next step of its evolution.«

To learn more about the company, click here.


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