Texas Patti With New VR Movie

Erotik Influencer Texas Patti

The German porn sensation and VENUS star Texas Patti has shot a new VR movie. This time it was a scene for the internationally successful porn site MilfVR.

Texas Patti’s latest film features the brunette beauty from Münster in her signature role as a MILF for the virtuality reality experts at MilfVR. In »Texas Porn Tycoon« Texas Patti gets her fans fired up once again.

A spokesperson for the studio raved: »Texas Patti is back in stunning virtual reality. Be there when she brings her work home with her for a new 43-minute VR experience. Grab your favorite headset and learn the tricks of the trade.«

The promotional blurb reads, exas Patti is on top of the porn business and business is good. Keeping her successful sex career from the neighbors can be hard, especially when her son’s friends all come knocking. You’ll be caught browsing over her body of work and Patti knows exactly what’s on your dirty little mind. Her big, round tits may only be a click away but will this infamous starlet bring her work home with her? Skip hanging out with your buddy, because his ‘mom’ is about to show you the tricks of her trade.«

The trailer for the film can be found here.

Texas Patti gets her own billboard on the Vegas Strip

Texas Patti made her return to the U.S. a little more special lately when she became the first porn star in recent memory to have her own billboard on the Vegas Strip.

She said: »I love it. At the 2019 AVN Show, there was a big billboard with my face on it and I was so proud of it because it’s a big deal. No offense, but I had to share it with the other girls because it was for the AVN Show. But I thought wouldn’t it be great if my face was the only one on the billboard.«

After shooting and creating content in Germany, Patti had returned to Los Angeles when she and her husband Patrick were contacted by a friend who offered them the opportunity to have Patti’s image on a billboard and promote their social media pages. Since her friend offered a discount on the billboard, the couple was up for the challenge.

Due to restrictions on advertising pornography in Los Angeles, the couple agreed to place their billboard in Las Vegas, where the guidelines for adult performers are not as strict, as long as the advertisement is for social media rather than an adult film.

The digital billboard featured Patti’s face along with her name and Instagram handle @texaspatti where she has 1.8 million followers.

Patrick commented: »We have a shop and we wanted to advertise it, but the company who is running the billboard stuff said you can only promote Instagram or Twitter. But it was not allowed, just Instagram. But Instagram has a new feature where it’s an Instagram shop and you can sell products, so that was okay.«

The billboard near the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip landed the performer a first-class position on the bustling Las Vegas boulevard.

He added: »We got some great comments and great feedback from fans. Patti got a lot of new followers on Instagram and fans asking if she would be doing it again.«

Overall, Patti has received more than 6,000 new followers on Instagram in the days following her debut on the billboard, as well as numerous new subscribers on her OnlyFans page, where she posts new content every week, including new content for her fans in her native Germany.

Although the billboard was up for a few weeks, one fan asked her if she would consider doing another one next month.

»I told him I would, but only if you paid for it, so I was really joking, but he said he would do it. So, we’re planning on doing another billboard.«

While she continues to shoot for adult studios, Patti is also looking into mainstream acting.

For more updates from Texas Patti, visit her AVN Stars page @texas_patti or her OnlyFans page at texas-patti.com. She is also on Instagram, FanCentro, and Facebook as texaspatti and on Twitter @texas_patti. She is represented by OC Modeling.

Texas Patti


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