Texas Patti About To Fly High

fake flight

German porn star Texas Patti and her partner Patrick Habig are making some sky-high plans for 2022! The two are working on a premium pay site that will take off.

At the beginning of March, the new premium site created by Texas Patti and Patrick Habig is scheduled to launch. For the format »Fake Flight,« the two are looking for “random couples” who feel like having sex on a plane.

For Texas Patti, the multi-award-winning talent with German roots and a resident of the U.S. since 2019, the series is a new career highlight. At the same time, her life has not exactly been lacking climaxes so far either. Just early last year, for example, Texas Patti was featured on her own billboard on the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

The former brand ambassador for Beate Uhse TV now looks back on more than 500 films, and her hometown of Münster honored her in 2019 with a hamburger named after her at a local restaurant.

Habig, who will also be seen in Fake Flight and is directing the series, comments, »“Not only the lavish costumes but also the wit and charm ensure erotic entertainment.«

He adds, »We’ve shot and produced a lot big movies and shows in Europe, but I never did a show like that. We needed around about two years for the preparation. The most difficult part was to get all the permissions. It took like one year to find the right team.«

Overall, Habig says the filming for Fake Flight was the most challenging of his career so far. And with more than 50 films to look back on, that’s saying something.

His partner Texas Patti, however, says that in the end, the joy of the work was front and center here, too. »But honestly, it was so easy, because all performers had so much fun and did an amazing work. So it was easy for him to have an easy job.«

Texas Patti jokingly comments on filming the first scene with Codey Steele, »I was so excited I lost some drops in my panties when the plane went up.«

In further episodes, other well-known actors will be seen alongside the VENUS stars. Scenes have already been shot with Charlotte Stokely, Nicole Kitt and Steve Holmes. Starting in March, there will be a new scene every week on FakeFlight.com.

Habig said: “Every three months we plan a special episode with a new ‘Adventure Sex Scene. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal more about that yet, but we want to outdo ourselves every time.” With their own company, Texas Patti Productions, the two certainly have a lot of plans.


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